Artists To Watch: Regal The Rare / Ryan Terrigno / Wabi Sabi / Maryo / Books Of Moods / Maleja / Ravery Moore / Dead Fox Dead Tree / Black Daggers / Sarina

Today, we are excited to share with you these artists that definitely need your attention.

Blue Goo (feat. Ty Prophecy, Dalè, and Jellybean Johnson) by Regal The Rare

Stare At The Sun by Ryan Terrigno

The Love Insane by Wabi Sabi

Leave You Behind by Maryo

Sunday Mood by Books Of Moods

Strong Enough by Maleja

Riots by Ravery Moore

Dancing on the Line by Dead Fox Dead Tree

Surfin’ a Vibe by Black Daggers

Brace for Impact by Sarina